Welcome. My name is Colbi and you may ask how did I come into handcrafting skin care. After battling eczema during my childhood and again after I had my daughter, I tried all the "Natural" and "Organic" products on the shelf but nothing seemed to curb my eczema. It wasn't until I was gifted a handmade soap that within 2 weeks of using it my eczema disappeared. I was blown away and with doing research on ingredients in products it made me really sad how uninformed our society is with what we are not only putting on our bodies but the output we have ensued into the environment.

I am a full time mom to two little's and a wife to my best friend. We live on our farm in Gunn, AB where I curate all the beautiful healthy skincare I can. I've been actively learning more about herbal-ism and what our beautiful earth has to offer. I aspire to continue living a homegrown lifestyle, gardening, growing my own herbs and botanicals, and will continue to educate myself to create the most natural products I can.


Photography: Robynelizaphotography